Design Process

            The design process begins with an idea. That idea can be a set of plans, a picture or a sketch on a napkin. Whatever your idea we have a designer who can meet those needs.

To start the design phase, type of rooms envisioned will need to be determined; including but not limited to Dining, Family, Living, Recreation, Game, Bed, Bath, Kitchen, Nook, Porches and Garage. Once we have the rooms required we would then discuss layout of the floor plan.

            Once room and layout selection has been confirmed a plan will be drafted. After the first draft we will go through a series of meetings where we fine tune the plan to make sure it meets all of your family needs. During these meetings we will discuss design features that would be specific to your architectural plans.

            It is never too early to make décor selections for your home. The more selections made up front, the faster we can build your home, and the more accurate the estimate. We understand that making these selections can be overwhelming at times. In order to curve this we have a selection sheet that outlines what information we need along with a timeframe.

            Always bare in mind budget, lot size, easements, and neighborhood restrictions if applicable when designing your home. We encourage homeowners to start their plan design sooner than later. It can take a month to a year to decide on a final set of plans.

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